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'Bubbles...' Rainbow Dash muttered. 'Bubbles...'

Derpy Hooves stood over Rainbow Dash, not understanding why she kept saying bubbles. Mail floated calmly across the lake as Derpy did her best to attend to the injured Rainbow Dash. She could feel that there was something different about Dash, but she just couldn't place her hoof on what was missing. It couldn't have been that important, Derpy thought to herself. It can't be that important if I can't find it... she trailed off, looking at the underside of Rainbow Dash's wing. Near her chest, there was a fairly large blank spot that was often referred to as the "Soul Feather". To anypony, it was just said to be a myth but they were still advised not to take it out because of what could possibly happen if a pony did remove it.

'You stay here Rainbow Dash! I'll go get help!' Derpy said to her as she took off towards the Ponyville general hospital.

'Please... No...' Dash coughed, a searing hot sensation of pain shooting through her body.

A groan escaped her as she endured the pain and tried to keep the tears forming in her eyes from escaping. It didn't matter of what was happening to her and how much pain she was in, there was no room to be a wuss and begin to cry. There was only one thing that she could do in her current situation, and no matter how much Dash wished she could do something, she could only lie there and try not to move. Nearly every bone in her body felt like it had been broken or bruised. Never in her life had she expected this to happen, but then again she had never expected to tell Fluttershy how she really felt.

More fatigue was washing over her body; the fight to stay awake becoming harder with every coming second. Eyelids became heavier and heavier and Dash didn't have enough energy to keep them open any longer. Her eyes closed, all sense of reality slipping away from her in the process. After what seemed to be an eternity, voices began to stir around her. Somepony else was here with her, and with the last of her strength, she summoned the word 'help', but only her lips moved, no sound escaping.

A hoof slipped under her body, pain shooting across wherever the hoof touched. At first it was only one hoof, then multiple others joined. The ponies around her lifted in unison, placing her on a cold plastic surface. Straps came down across her hooves and her body, securing her to the backboard. A foam neck support came down over her face to prevent any extra damage. As soon as she was secured, she felt the sensation of flight flow through her aching body.

Rainbow Dash cracked open her eyes, the world around her an inconsistent blur. She tilted her head as much as the neck-brace would allow her to in an attempt to get a better look at the ponies that carried her. Everypony around her had a pink mane, and a yellow coat. Dash looked again at each pony, and this time she was sure of what she was seeing – each pony around her seemed to be Fluttershy.

A rhythmic, monotone beep echoed through her ears, irritating her mind enough to wake her. Her eyes opened wide, darting around the new room she had been transferred to. The arms and legs that she had once taken for granted now had no feeling in them, and any attempt to move them was a failed quest. The only thing that she thought she had feeling in was her head and neck, presumably the only things that she could control anymore. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see a pink mane covering a pony in the far corner of the room.

'Fluttershy...' she croaked, her mouth parched. Dash attempted to call to her again, 'Fluttershy...' but no action was invoked by her calls.

Rainbow Dash just sat there in the hospital bed, hooves laying at her side and legs outstretched in front of her. There was an IV giving a steady stream of medicine into her body, which could have most likely explained why there was no pain to be felt. Eye contact was kept with Fluttershy, and her eyes began to flow a river of tears. Her mouth stood agape, as if she wanted to say something but couldn't come to say it. Sobs of fear and sadness permeated from her, Fluttershy finally turning towards her.

'Rainbow Dash... Its nice to see you again,' she said, Rainbow simply nodding a slight smile crossing her face. Fluttershy looked over to her side, grabbed a pillow as white as clouds, and stood up from where she was. 'I just can't stand to see you like this, Rainbow. I'm really, really, sorry.' Fluttershy began to walk closer to her, fluffing the pillow between her hooves.

Dash began to panic, her head turning rapidly from side to side hoping to see someone who could save her. She needed someone to save her, it was all that she needed. Fluttershy came closer and reached her bedside. 'I'm so sorry...' she muttered one more time before placing the pillow over her face. But nothing happened even with the panic that Rainbow had exerted.

Rather than cutting off the air supply, the pillow had sent her somewhere new. She stood in a cottage room, a yellow pony clutching a cyan feather to its chest standing directly in front of her. Both just stared into the eyes of one another, unsure of what to do in this situation. Fluttershy started by slowly raising her hoof, followed by Rainbow Dash moving hers. Both hooves came up slowly, inching towards the other. They got closer, and with that each pony's heartbeat increased dramatically. The hooves came to a close, completing the lost circuit and emitting a blinding blue light from the cyan feather. Memories rushed through Rainbow's mind; memories of her past with Fluttershy and what had made her love her in the first place. It was all there, from Flight School to the times up on the hill watching the sunset.

These memories were considerably different than that of which she remembered; last she remembered, she saw Fluttershy in the memories instead of looking upon herself. A lone memory broke free from the strand, floating into Rainbow Dash's vision as a mirror. She was looking upon herself because she was in Fluttershy's body, not her own. She had taken a copy of Fluttershy's memories and had been able to experience everything from her perspective, and she realized that Fluttershy was just as nervous about everything as she was.

It wasn't all that new to her by now, but she came to the realization of what she had finally done. She had nearly committed suicide over the fear of rejection, and the fear of the unknown. What would any relationship be if there was never the unknown, the risk, and the willingness to give everything for that special somepony?

Lights passed by one by one as Rainbow Dash was pushed down the hallways of Ponyville General Hospital, Derpy flying by her side to make sure that Rainbow Dash would be safe in the hooves of the doctors. Doors opened and closed as they got farther into the center of the hospital. Derpy had to eventually be left behind, a choice that had to be made for her, even forced upon her. Just before Derpy was taken from the side of Rainbow Dash, she said four words that made Dash's will to live much stronger.

I'll go get Fluttershy.
'The Fire in Her Eyes'

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Story: Finished.

On FiMFic: [link]
In this story, I like how you focus on, what would be, the chemical reaction in the brain that causes halicinations when you have such severe injuries along with a concusion. There is a vision of losing all sense of reality and straight sense of desire when I read about Rainbow's reflection on Fluttershy when she realizes that she just tried to commit suicide. I felt a small pain in my heart when I read the part of Fluttershy holding the pillow to Rainbow's face, which made me realize her fear of rejection and how that rejection would make her believe that she tried to kill herself because of Fluttershy.

I do feel that the overuse of dreaming and constant use of metaphors steers away from the story, but I do feel that you did such a good job emphasizing the whole love issue!
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Draugurs Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
How did derpy know about fluttershy?
shilvicthehedgehog Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Student Artist
Get her!!!!
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